Beans Be With You




This is the second of four coffee logos in the Lutherans Mug Up! project.  It is called Beans Be With You, which is a play on the ‘Peace Be With You’ portion of a church service, where the congregation takes time to greet one another.

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Sketches & Process

In the initial meeting with the church staff, they already had the phrase ‘Beans Be With You.’  They also suggested two beans shaking hands the same way that the congregation members take time to wish each other ‘Peace Be With You’ during a church service.  The bean characters went through a few different looks before I finally settled on two unique coffee bean figures with plenty of personality.


Color Scheme

The coffee bean characters in this logo are in various shades of brown.  This is due to the fact that coffee beans are brown, but like all the other logos in the Lutherans Mug Up! project, brown is a warm, friendly color.  This is especially important in this logo since the beans are shaking hands in a friendly manner.  The turquoise color is a cool color and balances out the logo.  It also calls to mind a refreshing feeling as well as a quality of peace.  The turquoise gemstone is a symbol of friendship as well, which makes it a perfect secondary color in this friendly logo.

Final Logo

Here is the final product in the ‘Beans Be With You’ logo.  It features two bean characters shaking hands in a reference to the ‘peace be with you’ aspect of a church service over the Beans Be With You lettering.  The ‘Be With You’ is on an arch, making the lettering more playful when set against the larger Beans font.

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