Calvary Lutheran Church Advent Display


Calvary Advent Display


I was approached by Earl Vorpagel III, Pastor of Calvary Lutheran Church, to undertake a special project in honor of the church’s celebration of the season of Advent. The goal of the project was to bring together visual art and music to correspond with the weekly sermons. I was tasked with the visual art portion of the project, specifically painting large panels that would be hung behind the church’s altar and Christmas tree to help explain that specific week’s message to the congregation.

Each week I was given a brief summary of what the Pastors envisioned in each large painting, as well as various Bible verses. Beyond that, I was able to use my inspiration and talent to create a composition that complimented the sermon and visually enhanced the worship experience weekly.

The final step of the process for each week’s painting was to write a brief explanation of the symbols and color-theory contained in my work. This was read by the Pastor during the church service.

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Individual Calvary Lutheran Church Advent Paintings

Click on the following for a thorough explanation of my thought-process behind them, as well as a larger view for each painting.

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