Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Logo


Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Logo


To coincide with the clinic’s relocation, the doctors at the Family Clinic of Natural Medicine commissioned me to design a new logo. Their original logo showed a family holding hands on a sunlit beach. The challenge of the logo design was to incorporate the concept of family with the themes of nature and natural medicine practices.

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Before & After

Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Before and After Logo

Sketches, Mock-Ups & Process

When I first started sketching potential logos, I wanted to keep the circular shape of the original logo with the family holding hands. The idea of using a leaf or a tree also started to play a prominent role in almost every sketch I made. Including these elements helped maintain the original goal of the design. The circular shape, however, was later abandoned.

After some point in the sketching and brainstorming phase of the project, the doctors and staff decided that the tree and family concept was their preferred logo graphic. After sketching numerous tree logos, as well as various family designs, a logo graphic was settled upon. The final challenge of this design was to determine the typography that would best accompany the logo graphic.

Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Sketches1
Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Sketches2
Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Mockups1
Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Mockups2

Color Scheme

The concept behind the Family Clinic of Natural Medicine’s logo is that of a large tree and a child being pushed on a tire swing by his family.  Brown is the predominant color throughout the logo.  It’s the color of the trunk, the silhouette of the family and the color in the lettering.  Brown is a color that represents nature and signifies healing as well as a foundation.  The naturopathic doctors at the clinic promise to try their best to heal their patients, provide them with a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle, and to be honest with them.

The leaves in the tree are a combination of turquoise and lime green.  Both are natural, earthy colors.  The turquoise represents a calming, balanced and tranquil approach to healing the body.  The green stands for growth, freshness and safety.

These are perfect colors for the Family Clinic, because the doctors and staff at the clinic use all of these concepts in their practice of Naturopathic Medicine.

Final Logo

The final logo shows a family standing next to a tree with a little boy being pushed on a swing. The family is facing towards the words ‘Family Clinic Of Natural Medicine’ in bold, block lettering. The tree has a long, winding root that also points towards the lettering. This symbolizes the path anyone can take towards better health with the help of the Family Clinic of Natural Medicine.

Additional Files

The following additional pictures are the Family Clinic’s business card, the front entrace to the Family Clinic’s new location and a few items from their open house give-a-way, all featuring the new logo.

Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Glass Logo
Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Logo Bag Business Card Pen
Family Clinic of Natural Medicine Logo Clinic Exterior

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