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Here is the first of the four coffee logos for the Lutherans Mug Up! project.  It is called Grumpies Grog, and pays tribute to the volunteers who help out around the church as handymen that are affectionately known as the Grumpy Old Men.

Sketches & Process

In my initial meeting with the church staff, they suggested to make caricatures of the retirees that help out around the church for the Grumpies’ Grog logo.  I decided to make broad character designs of these volunteers rather than specific caricatures, since I didn’t want to single any one of these men out.


Color Scheme

Brown is the dominating color in this logo.  It’s the color of coffee, and it is a warm, friendly color.  It is also a color that means a foundation and stability, which are also represented by these men volunteering with their time and talent on any project the church may require.

The other colors in the logo, apart from the skin tones are green and gray.  Green is a cool color that balances out the brown, and means energy or renewal from the coffee.  The gray in the logo stands for sophistication.

Final Logo

The final logo design features one of the volunteers taking a break and smiling while enjoying a cup of coffee.  Meanwhile two ‘Grumpy Old Men’ are behind him working,but looking annoyed at him.  This scene plays out over the Grumpies’ Grog lettering.

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