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This is the third of four coffee logos in the Lutherans Mug Up! project.  It is called Holy Grounds.

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Sketches & Process

The original idea behind this logo was for a vertical view of a coffee cup with a church in a foam design, but I used the foam concept for the main logo 0f the entire Lutherans Mug Up! project.  I began to brainstorm an idea of a church design on a solid foundation.  I used the actual church (pictured to the right) that this fundraiser will benefit as the church in the logo.  I had also thought that a sun, or heavenly light, should be in the background of the church to show that it is holy grounds.  It was through this thought process that I used the silhouette of a coffee filter to represent this light.  The solid foundation, which was simply going to be a rectangular block, soon shifted to that of a bunch of coffee beans.  I wanted to weave coffee grounds into the logo, since there is a double meaning with the title ‘Holy Grounds.’ I decided that the lettering of the logo would be surrounded by numerous dots signifying the coffee grounds.


Calvary Lutheran Church


Color Scheme

The color scheme for the Holy Grounds logo begins with two shades of brown.  The first is almost black in color and is used for the coffee grounds surrounding the logo.  The other is a far more chocolatey brown and is used for the outline of the church, as well as the trees and plants in the foreground.  The color is also used in relation to the brown coffee beans serving as the church’s foundation.  Brown is the color of coffee, is a warm color and stimulates the appetite.

White is another color used in the logo.  The church is outlined in brown but is mainly white, as opposed to another color.  White stands for purity, goodness and safety, which all people should feel when inside the church.

The final color in this logo is light blue.  The color is used in the church graphic to convey shadows and highlights and to make the logo stand out.  It is used mainly in the sun or heavenly light behind the church graphic, which is also in the shape of a coffee filter.  Light blue helps to cool the logo from the two brown shades, but its most important meaning is that it is the color of faith.

Final Logo

Here is the final product for the Holy Grounds logo.  It features a stylized version of the church that is having the fundraiser on a foundation of coffee beans. The sun-like design behind the church references the outline of a coffee filter and inside the sun is a circular pattern that looks like coffee grounds. The same coffee ground design surrounds the lettering as well.

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