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Here is the fourth and final logo in the Lutherans Mug Up! project.  It’s called Reformation Roast, and it pays tribute to the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation in 2017.

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Sketches & Process

In my initial discussions with the church staff regarding the Reformation Roast logo, they had suggested to use Martin Luther’s Seal, or Rose, in this logo since it coincided with the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.  They thought the circular seal could have worked well, replacing the ‘O’s’ in Reformation Roast.  I really liked that idea, but I decided to use Luther’s Seal in the Lutherans Mug Up! main logo instead.

Despite not using Luther’s seal in this logo, that first meeting had reinforced how important Martin Luther and the Reformation is to the Lutheran Church, as well as to this coffee fundraising project.  I quickly realized that incorporating Martin Luther himself into this design design would be a fun way to honor the 500th anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation.  At first I toyed with the idea of him posting his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany, but I struggled to incorporate the coffee theme of this logo project with that concept, and the idea was quickly abandoned.

The eventual idea that won out in the end was to have Martin Luther pictured in a stained glass window with a coffee mug in his hand.  Martin Luther’s pose in the logo resembles a bronze statue of the German reformer that was created in 1885 and is still standing today.  The hat he is wearing is in tribute to the numerous paintings that featured Martin Luther throughout the years.


The Statue of Martin Luther,
in Dresden, Germany


Color Scheme

The logo palette for the Reformation Roast is made up of eight total colors, but are all shades of brown and blue.

Brown has been used in each logo of the Lutherans Mug Up! project, and is the color of coffee.  Dark brown was used in place of black as the outline and line work of the logo and is a very warm color.  The other brown tones in the logo symbolize stability, reliability and approachability.  They are comforting and nurturing colors.  Brown can also provide a feeling of history, which this logo is honoring.

The various blue tones in the stained glass window are similar to the stained glass windows in the church that will be benefiting from this fundraising coffee project.  Blue is a cool color, which balances out the warm brown tones in the logo.  It is also the color of faith, intelligence and truth, all things in which Martin Luther stood for.  Blue is also beneficial to the mind and the body.  It promotes a feeling of calmness.

Final Logo

Here is the final logo for the Reformation Roast coffee blend.  The logo is of a stained glass window featuring Martin Luther, who led the Protestant Reformation from the Catholic Church. In it, Luther has a coffee cup in his hand.  A statue of Martin Luther in Dresden Germany, as well as paintings of his likeness, were the basis for his appearance in the logo.

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