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The family of a child named Anthony approached me to create a brand/logo design for ‘Superman Anthony’ to help raise awareness and to create a non-profit to help other families facing similar situations and to give them hope.  They currently have 58k followers.

In 2015, Anthony unfortunately suffered a seizure while bathing.  He was rescued by his little brother and given CPR by his mom until the fire rescue arrived.  After he was resuscitated, Anthony was brought to the local hospital where it was discovered that his brain was deprived of oxygen for an unknown amount of time.  He has since been in what is called a Persistent Vegetative State.  Fortunately for Anthony and his family, this state does not imply permanent disability.  In very rare cases, patients can improve, reaching a minimally conscious state or a higher level of consciousness.  Currently, Anthony has been receiving physical, occupational and speech therapy, and has been making strides to recovery.

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Sketches & Process

After talking to Anthony’s family, they gave me the idea to create a logo/character design around the concept of Anthony as Superman.  After all, his nickname is Superman Anthony.  The only exception was that Superman’s ‘S’ shield on his costume would be replaced with an ‘S’ and ‘A’ for Superman Anthony.  The sketches below show the design process and final sketch.  The idea behind the design was clear from the start, so fewer sketches were required before approval from the family.


Color Scheme

The color scheme for the Superman Anthony design was very straight-forward.  I looked at the project as more of a character design than an actual logo.  For a logo’s color scheme, I try to stay as minimalistic as possible.  I also research what each color represents.  In the case of the Superman Anthony logo, though, I knew I needed the famous blue, red and gold of the Superman costume, as well as base colors for his skin tone and hair.  I then decided to use darker shades of the same colors to add life to the character design, which ended up bringing the color scheme of the design to a total of ten colors.

Final Product

Here is the final design solution.  I designed Superman Anthony in a flying pose with his cape billowing in the background.

On a personal note, my hope is that this design can help Anthony’s family to establish their non-profit endeavor and that Anthony eventually recovers.

You can click here for more information on Anthony.

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